Gold plated rose $85.00
Yellow gold diamond ring $4 495.00
Yellow gold bar set diamond band $3 331.00
5 Row diamond ring $8 225.00
White gold diamond ring with yellow diamond center $2 250.00
White gold diamond buckle ring $198.00
Bezel set diamond ring $4 725.00
Oval diamond ring $10 500.00

Mark Sadovsky Jewelers

Mark Sadovsky Jeweler is a family owned and operated business. Our history starts in 1933 when Mark’s grandfather first operated a fine jewelry leased department in Joske’s Department Store in downtown San Antonio.

When Joske’s was bought out by Dillard’s in 1987 the Sadovsky family moved in to a store called the Diamond Salon. Mark Sadovsky Jeweler is continuation of that business.

Our Principles

We specialize in fine jewelry. Our standards for quality are the highest in the city. We custom design and create fine jewelry in our shop and manufacturing facility right in the building. We have a full time jewelry designer and a full time repair jeweler on the premises.

When you leave an item with us for repair or restoration, it never leaves our control. Everything is insured from the moment it is in our possesion.

We have a policy of triple checks. Every job is examined by the jeweler that does the work, examined at our check in desk and examined again before it is filed to be delivered to you. We are very critical and make certain that every job is perfect.

There are no surprizes. You know what will be done and how much it will cost in advance. We want your complete satisfaction on every job.

Our Jewelry is Special

Everything we create and sell is guaranteed to be made to high standards and a value for you to purchase. It is also made and designed with care to be unique. You won't find dozens of the same design at a party. We do not pump out the product by the thousand because we would not be performing the service of having our jewelry special for you our customers.

You go to your doctor, your lawyer and your accountant for their expertise, you come to us for our expertise.

Because of our expertise, you get more value for your money. We have no part-time help. Everyone in our organization is a professional. We know what we are doing and we know what we are selling. Furthermore, when you buy from us, you know what you are buying because we make sure you know.

Platinum Wedding Ring Platinum Wedding Ring
Emerald and diamond ring Emerald and diamond ring
Yellow gold Pink Tourmaline ring Yellow gold Pink Tourmaline ring
Platinum diamond ring Platinum diamond ring